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Inside Ida Odinga’s extravagant birthday party thrown by Raila

by Paul Nyongesa
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Prominent leader Raila Odinga, a central figure in the Azimio la Umoja political movement, recently hosted a lavish and opulent birthday celebration for his beloved wife, Ida Odinga.

The event marked Ida’s 73rd birthday as well as the couple’s remarkable 50th marriage anniversary.

The grand affair unfolded on Thursday, August 24, at a prestigious five-star hotel in Nairobi and was attended by a constellation of prominent Azimio leaders, close-knit friends, and renowned personalities from the entertainment industry.

Fresh from a brief sojourn in the United Kingdom, Raila Odinga went all out to orchestrate an unforgettable experience for his wife, Mama Ida.

The celebration showcased a level of extravagance that reflected their deep bond and shared journey.

Ida Odinga’s entrance was nothing short of majestic, arriving in a luxurious white Limousine adorned with tasteful flower decorations that set the tone for the evening.

Draped in an enchanting green African lace gown and adorned with meticulous makeup, Ida emanated timeless elegance. Holding a bouquet of birthday flowers, she stood as a radiant symbol of grace and beauty.

The event began with a traditional dance performance that welcomed Ida, infusing the atmosphere with cultural richness and setting the stage for a night of joyous celebration.

The main venue was a visual marvel, reflecting the grandeur of the occasion. Ida herself underwent a wardrobe change, transforming into a resplendent green and gold African Velvet lace skirt suit that encapsulated her vibrant spirit.

The celebration wasn’t merely a birthday party; it was a testament to the enduring love and partnership of Raila and Ida Odinga. Their journey, spanning five decades of marriage, was commemorated with pomp and flair, echoing their shared commitment and the values they hold dear.

The event, graced by distinguished leaders and luminaries, served as a testament to the couple’s influence and the mark they have left on both the political and social landscapes.

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