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Inside Akothee’s Secret Meeting Request to Ruto

by Paul Nyongesa
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Renowned Kenyan artist and entrepreneur, Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, has taken to her social media platforms to deliver a unique message to President William Samoei Ruto.

In her message, Akothee expressed her desire to meet with the head of state to discuss a series of innovative ideas aimed at propelling Kenya onto the global stage.

The mother of five didn’t mince words when highlighting her aspiration to put Kenya on the map with her creative initiatives.

Akothee’s proposition revolved around the concept of a Kenyan national cultural month, during which dignitaries and citizens would don their respective traditional attires.

This event, as envisioned by Akothee, would showcase Kenya’s rich diversity by featuring all 47 different dialects, histories, cultures, and cuisines.

She believes that such an initiative, if documented and shared globally, could revolutionize Kenya’s tourism sector, attracting a new wave of interest.

With her characteristic boldness, Akothee praised Kenya’s accessibility, pointing out the well-connected airports and airstrips across the counties.

She humorously proposed that even President Ruto would find it convenient to traverse the nation’s regions given the availability of aircraft.

Akothee’s message wasn’t without a touch of humor and a bit of cheekiness. She playfully mentioned her previous stint with the Talanta Hela committee, alluding to her termination and drawing a comparison to her current appeal to the president.

The artist concluded her message with a heartfelt affirmation of her love for Kenyan culture, declaring her unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting it.

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