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“I Have a Lot of Money”: Shock as Richest Witchdoctor With Houses, Cars Says He Needs Wife, Drops His Phone Number

by Paul Nyongesa
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An unidentified Nigerian herbalist has taken an unconventional route in his quest for a life partner, turning to social media to find a potential wife.

In a discreet message sent to Brian, a host of a dating game, the native doctor revealed his intentions, stating that he is 29 years old and financially well-off.

The herbalist claims to own two cars and two houses, seeking a beautiful 25-year-old lady for marriage.

In a peculiar twist, the herbalist asserted that his future wife would never have reason to be unfaithful, as the consequence would be dire – death.

This proclamation of fidelity was accompanied by the promise of a comfortable life, as he assured that financial resources were not a concern.

His appeal concluded with the release of his phone number, inviting potential candidates to get in touch.

The full text of the herbalist’s message reads: “Hi Brian. I am a 29 years old native doctor. I am doing well for myself have two upstairs houses and two cars. I want a beautiful 25 years old woman for marriage. My wife can never cheat or else she dies. If she doesn’t she will enjoy cos I have a lot of money to take care of her. My number is 09059221015 ”

The exact motives behind the herbalist’s unusual approach remain a mystery.

However, reactions to his request have been a blend of skepticism and amusement. Social media users weighed in with various opinions, expressing both incredulity and curiosity.

Some users questioned the herbalist’s reliance on social media for such a significant life decision. Idadex Teekay Eka humorously mused that seeking marital assistance from ordinary humans contradicted the traditional role of gods in matchmaking.

Others, like Martharina Nowen-Iguodala, humorously suggested that the herbalist could consider potential partners among those who already frequent his shrine.

Critics also emerged, suggesting that the herbalist’s claims of material wealth were unnecessary and indicative of an inferiority complex.

Toxik Verge opined that mentioning possessions demonstrated a lack of confidence, while Mhizta Justice speculated that the herbalist might have hidden agendas for seeking a partner.

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