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“Heri nife nimuachie huyo jamaa!” Man cries out for help after discovering that his pregnant wife is cheating with another man

by Paul Nyongesa
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Esther Malika, aged 20, has during the famous Radio Jambo Patanisho show hosted by Gidi Ogidi and Jacob ‘Ghost Mulee’, sent a message seeking reconciliation with her husband, Geoffrey Wamalwa, aged 31, with whom she has been experiencing conflicts at home.

Esther stated that there has been no peace at home since last week because her husband has been suspicious of her having extramarital affairs.

She revealed that the trouble began after her husband caught her talking to a young man who had attempted to flirt with her.

“There has been no peace at home. Whenever I go out, my husband keeps suspecting me. When I return, he’s upset. He’s overly concerned about rumors from people. Even when I tell him the truth, he refuses to believe it,” Esther explained.

She added, “He indeed caught me, but it’s not what he thinks. One day, a guy was walking me home. We just happened to meet on the way, and I suggested we talk while walking. He was the one trying to flirt with me. I told him I didn’t want to stop and chat, just walk. We were about to reach the gate, and I saw my husband, so I warned the guy not to run, as he would cause problems for me. My husband got angry and wanted to confront him physically. I told him not to. He wanted us to fight, but I stopped him. From that point on, our home has been tense. It was the first time. It’s true he investigated until he found me. I didn’t deny it.”

Esther also admitted to setting a password on her phone after her husband locked his own phone.

When Geoffrey was called, he opened up about his pain, explaining how his wife has been engaging in extramarital affairs.

“I’ve tried to stop my wife from having affairs, but she doesn’t listen. I had decided to let her be with that guy. She asks for forgiveness and then goes back to that young man. He’s from our area, and I’m from Kitale. I’ve confronted him almost twice. Yesterday was the second time,” he said.

He expressed deep hurt over his wife’s infidelity, especially because they have a child together and she’s also pregnant.

“She has been involved with that guy for over three months. I haven’t slept all night. I’m stressed. I’d rather die than continue dealing with this guy. I’m loyal to you because of our child. I’ve suffered with you through thick and thin. She wants to love someone else and leave me,” Geoffrey lamented.

After his wife tried to apologize, Geoffrey said, “Why do you want me to die? I’ll die because of you. I’ll forgive you, but I know you’ll meet that guy. You’re busy chatting all night.”

Esther, however, asked for forgiveness from her husband and explained that she doesn’t want to burden him with stress.

She also admitted to having engaged in extramarital affairs but clarified that it hasn’t been ongoing for a long time.

“We haven’t been in a relationship for a long time. I’ve stopped,” she said.

Geoffrey accepted his wife’s apology but pleaded with her to stop engaging in extramarital affairs in their two-year marriage.

“Mama Joni, I love you as the mother of my children. I will never betray you. And you, stop those things. You’re the one who holds my heart,” Geoffrey expressed.

Esther told him, “Jeff, I assure you that I’ve stopped those things today. I love you like peanuts.”

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