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Ex Kiss TV Presenter, Ezekiel Apindi Seeks Prophetess Imani For Deliverance

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Former Kiss TV Presenter Ezekiel Apindi, known for hosting the Jah Rise Show, has been enduring a life of homelessness and poverty.

However, in a bid to turn his life around, he recently sought deliverance in a church.

Ezekiel Apindi’s plight came to public attention when he visited Prophetess Imani, a preacher based in Rongai.

A video of the encounter was shared on social media, showing the preacher praying for Apindi at her church. In a poignant moment, Apindi knelt before the altar, emptying garbage from his pockets, symbolizing his desire to be free from his destitution.

During the deliverance session, Prophetess Imani vowed to transform Apindi’s life. Another video captured a man washing Apindi’s dreadlocks, signifying a fresh start and a clean slate.

Last year, Apindi revealed his dire circumstances in an interview with Presenter Ali. He disclosed that he had been living in abject poverty, and he attributed his misfortunes to witchcraft.

Apindi asserted that negative energies and the actions of enemies were hindering his progress and keeping him trapped in poverty.

The former Reggae/dancehall artist also shared that he had previously worked as a presenter on Kiss TV, hosting the ‘Jah Rise’ show for a year before quitting due to the influence of witchcraft on his life and career.

“Witchcraft has become widespread. They don’t want me to go far, so I am in the streets. There is a war between negative and positive energy, but getting help is tricky because there is no proof,” Apindi lamented during the interview.

As of now, Apindi is living on the streets of Rongai and supporting himself by selling arts and crafts. Despite his hardships, he expressed that he still holds on to his faith in God and hopes for a better future.

As the videos of Apindi seeking deliverance circulate online, the public response has been mixed. Many have expressed empathy and offered their prayers, while others have called for more substantial assistance to help him get back on his feet.

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