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Dramatic Scene as Cult Leader Paul Mackenzie’s Co-Accused Protest in Court

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a dramatic courtroom scene, Paul Mackenzie, a controversial cult leader, and his 28 co-accused individuals caused a stir as they protested by shouting ‘haki yetu’ (our rights) during their trial.

A video captured the intense moment, showing the individuals with their hands raised while shouting, as their lawyer, Wycliff Makasembo, tried to calm the situation.

Makasembo pleaded with them to calm down, saying, “Tulieni nimeomba tafadhali, nimeomba” (Please calm down, I have requested it).

The accused individuals were voicing their grievances about alleged harassment they have been facing while in custody.

According to their claims, despite not being convicted, they were still enduring harsh conditions in prison. They alleged that they were forced to sleep on the floor and wear prison uniforms, which they believed was unfair treatment.

With the intervention of their lawyer, the protesters eventually complied and ceased their shouting. Some of them returned to their seats, allowing the court proceedings to resume.

Paul Mackenzie and his co-accused individuals have spent two months in custody before the court hearing. Their case has garnered significant attention due to the controversial nature of the cult leader’s activities.

In a previous development, the court had released Paul Mackenzie’s wife, Rhoda Maweu, on a Sh400,000 bond. However, she was still required to return to court for further proceedings.

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