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DJ Shiti breaks silence after reports he is languishing in poverty after being chased out of his house in Kawangware

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Popular comedian and former “Real House Helps of Kawangware” actor, DJ Shiti, has vehemently refuted recent rumors suggesting that he has been evicted from his residence.

The entertainer, whose real name is Steven Oduor Dede, asserted that he consciously allowed himself to come close to such a situation, driven by his unwavering determination to fulfill his goals in Nairobi.

In an interview with Plug TV, DJ Shiti addressed the speculation head-on, stating, “In fact, when it comes to the point and the owner of the house has… we know what brought us here in Nairobi. We came to Nairobi to search and that’s the last thing that can reach DJ Shiti. I can’t accept it to come to that.”

The comedian emphasized his commitment to his aspirations and his resolve not to succumb to such circumstances. He highlighted his approach to his career, drawing inspiration from industry veterans.

“I am well-organized. I am a fighter. I am a person of strategy. I have learned from the best, including Daniel Ndambuki [Churchill], Phelix Oduor [Jalang’o] who is a current Member of Parliament. I have learned from the likes of Nahodha Otoyo and MC Jessy. Learning from the best is my mantra, so failure is not an option for me,” DJ Shiti affirmed.

Following DJ Shiti’s denial of the eviction claims, netizens took to social media platforms to voice their opinions, with many adopting a lighthearted and mocking tone towards celebrities in general.

User comments reflected a mix of skepticism and amusement, suggesting that some celebrities seek attention when facing financial challenges and are quick to solicit assistance from their fans.

User jones quipped, “Don’t trust macelebs hapa nje 🤣🤣 anything for clout,” while mwas expressed a sentiment often shared among netizens: “Nyie macelebs mkiwa na pesa mnakiburi sana mkisota mnatukujia tuwachangie daaah.” The commentary underscored the perceived disparity between the wealthy lifestyles projected by celebrities and the financial troubles they occasionally face.

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