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DJ Shiti Begs Mercy Tarus to Take Up Senator Ledama’s Job Offer

by Samantha
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Comedian and actor DJ Shiti has offered advice to Kabarak University graduate Mercy Tarus regarding a job offer from Senator Ledama Olekina. DJ Shiti encouraged Tarus, who has been actively advocating for her community, to consider taking up Senator Olekina’s offer.

He highlighted that even prominent figures like Nelson Mandela engaged with the system to make change, suggesting that Tarus could gain strength by entering the political arena.

“My little sister Mercy Tarus, As much as you are fighting for your people which is a very good thing but also consider yourself.

“Even the great Nelson Madiba Mandela was a sellout…you have to join the system to gain that strength to Stand on your own and control, you might not want to be a politician or leader but what’s your motive?”  DJ Shiti said in part.

DJ Shiti emphasized the need for an effective mechanism to connect with the masses and urged Tarus to leverage her current popularity.

“To echo the voice of your Uasin Gishu people…how sure are you that you are going to get this kind of attention if you don’t have a strong mechanism to reach the masses?? He cautioned against solely relying on online support, reminding her that public attention can be fleeting.

DJ Shiti humorously drew parallels to Jesus having only 12 followers and the challenges of recapturing attention.

“Because if depending on Kenyans online then you are wrong!! They move on very first! Hata YESU Alikuwa na Wafwasi12

“Naalipaa Binguni PekeYake kila akitaka kurudi anakumbuka ile viboko alitandikwa anachorea alitumbia atarudi the year 2000 sai tuko 2023.,” he said.

Tarus had been offered a job by Senator Olekina, but she responded that she would only consider it once her primary concerns were addressed.

“Mercy Tarus I would like you to work for me… speak your heart …the future belongs to candid youth! Let’s talk,”read the Tweet from the Narok Senator.

She challenged Olekina to address issues related to Uasin Gishu County Government refunding citizens’ money before discussing the job offer.

“Mr. Ledama, before we can further this conversation, Talk to your fellow Senators to bring the Uasin Gishu County Government to book and compel them to REFUND rightfully hard-earned money to the Citizens of Kenya. Maybe then, we can talk. Otherwise, I have nothing more to say,” Mercy Tarus said in part.

Tarus stressed her commitment to her current advocacy and hinted that only once her mission was fulfilled would she consider other responsibilities.

She added: “Maybe then, we can work on the next project because my work will be done here. Otherwise, I cannot commit myself to other duties.”

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