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Details emerge on why Diamond’s new hit song has been removed from YouTube

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Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz has found himself grappling with a series of setbacks, with his latest collaboration “Enjoy” facing deletion from YouTube due to alleged copyright issues.

The surprise twist came when the audio of the song, released about two weeks ago in collaboration with Juma Jux, was removed from the platform due to a copyright claim filed by an individual who asserts to be the original owner of the song.

The claimant, who goes by the name Sapologuano Odenumz and is purportedly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, maintains that the melodies of his song “I Found Love” were used in the “Enjoy” track. Odenumz admitted to filing a copyright complaint with YouTube, leading to the removal of the contested audio.

He expressed his shock upon hearing the similarities between the two songs and revealed that he had reached out to Juma Jux to address the matter, but received no response.

In a candid interview with a popular Tanzanian blog, Odenumz shared his perspective, stating, “Yes, I copyright struck the song because it is the melody of my song I Found Love and it was found on their song Enjoy.”

He further disclosed that Diamond Platnumz and Jux had countersued him through their music distribution company, and a legal battle is currently underway.

Odenumz’s primary objective appears to be seeking compensation for the use of his work.

He expressed a desire to resolve the matter amicably, emphasizing that his intent is to be fairly compensated for his creative contribution.

“All I want is to be paid because it is work we are fighting and we are still young. It’s just talk after talking, I can’t say how much I want,” he stated.

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