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Celebrity Showdown: Alikiba’s Spouse Strikes Back, Sues Diamond Platnumz in Legal Drama

by Samantha
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Kenyan businesswoman Amina Khalef, wife of musician Alikiba, has taken legal action against Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz, demanding an apology and retraction of statements she considers false and defamatory.

Through her legal representatives, Amina Khalef sent a demand letter to Diamond Platnumz, asserting that he insinuated an inappropriate relationship between them, causing her emotional distress.

In the demand letter, Amina Khalef’s lawyers emphasized that the publication of Diamond Platnumz’s statements on social media had caused their client pain, anxiety, and suffering.

The letter called for an apology and retraction within seven days, warning that failure to comply could lead to civil and criminal litigation, with Diamond Platnumz bearing all associated costs.

In response, Diamond Platnumz, represented by his lawyer, countered the allegations.

He argued that his statement, “Habari yangu na Amina Nazani unayo,” did not explicitly refer to Amina Khalef by her full name and that the name ‘Amina’ is common, making it impossible to attribute the insinuations directly to her.

Diamond Platnumz’s lawyer stated that for a statement to be considered defamatory, it must unmistakably identify the claimant, which they believe was not the case here.

Diamond Platnumz firmly denied the accusations, terming them baseless and lacking any substantiating evidence. He maintained that his remarks did not implicate Amina Khalef in any way, dismissing the demand for an apology and retraction.

The dispute unfolded amid an ongoing rivalry between Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba, with Diamond making statements about his superior success.

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