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Celebration Rocks Prophet Owuor’s Church as 8-Year-Old, Totally Crippled Child Stands Up and Walks for the First Time

by Paul Nyongesa
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Supporters of the self-proclaimed prophet Dr. David Owuor have gathered in various cities across the country to commemorate a remarkable event – the healing of Mohammed Juma, who had been crippled for a staggering eight years.

The news of Juma’s transformation has sent ripples of awe and gratitude throughout the congregation, a testament to the fervent faith of those who follow the controversial religious figure.

Captured live on their “Jesus is Lord” radio, an extraordinary moment unfolded as one of the presenters exclaimed, “A Totally Crippled Mohammed Juma From Kinango Kwale Has at the command of the Mega Prophets of Yahweh been restored from the abject state of prostration and changed to a state of ambulation to confirm that yes indeed #JesusBloodStillHeals. Glory!”

This declaration reverberated through the airwaves, igniting a wave of jubilation among the faithful listeners.

Supporters of Dr. David Owuor’s ministry have taken to Twitter to share their overwhelming sense of celebration.

Twitter user Humphrey Adenya (@HumphreyAdenya) expressed the electrifying atmosphere, declaring, “CELEBRATIONS GALORE! 💥JESUS has come to town! 💥Muslims receive JESUS after He raised one of their own from the dust! 💥Mohammed Juma crippled for 8 years gets up and walks away at one command by THE TWO MEGA PROPHETS OF THE LORD! #LatterGloryMiracles. Psalm 107:19-20.”

Another Twitter user, Only by Grace (@_susanwl), shared in the excitement, emphasizing the profound impact of the event: “We celebrate the #TotalHopeInJesus that Mohammed Juma who was crippled for 8 years is now walking.” This sentiment underscores the deeply transformative power attributed to the healing, bringing about a renewed sense of hope and faith in the community.

Mohammed Juma’s healing experience has transcended religious boundaries, as he was a Muslim. The miraculous restoration of his mobility has not only captivated the followers of Dr. David Owuor but has also extended to the people of Kinango Kwale, where the heartwarming celebrations have taken place. The astounding healing has invoked echoes of biblical accounts, reminiscent of Luke 7:16, “They were all filled with awe and praised God. ‘A great prophet has appeared among us,’ they said. ‘God has come to help his people.'”

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