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B Masanduku: Kenyan Comedian Who Went Broke in 11 Days After Becoming a Millionaire

by Paul Nyongesa
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Nathan Muya Kimani, popularly known by his stage name JB Masanduku, is undeniably one of the most talented stand-up comedians in the history of Kenya’s comedy industry.

His comedic prowess has earned him a special place in the hearts of many, but his talents extend far beyond just comedy. JB also boasts skills as an actor, producer, director, and events host, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment world.

During a candid interview with Churchill, JB opened up about his early life and the challenges he faced when his career started taking off.

He admitted that some of the decisions he made during that time caused conflicts within his family, particularly with his ex-wife Tina Kaggia and their young family.

One of the major decisions that sparked controversy was when JB earned his first million and decided to embark on a tour of East Africa, leaving his family behind.

Fueled by the thrill of his newfound success, he impulsively headed to the airport and requested an itinerary that would take him to Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi over the course of 11 days.

With an immense amount of money in his account, JB chose not to carry any luggage and instead opted to buy new items during the trip.

His journey started in Uganda, where he treated himself and others to an indulgent experience. He generously bought bottles of liquor for revelers at a club, even gifting his cab driver a new phone worth over Ksh100,000.

“When I reached Uganda, I exchanged Sh100,000 and became a millionaire both in Kenya and Uganda… I instructed the taxi driver to take me to the most expensive club in town, not the best but the most expensive…

“At the club, I told the waiter that whoever is drinking beer, give them 5 more bottles, whoever is drinking wine, give them 2 more bottles, whoever is taking shots, give them a bottle, I will pay the bill. After paying the bill, I was surprises I still had a lot of money in Ugandan currency,” he said.

Unfortunately, he was robbed of Ksh 300,000 while hanging out at one of Ugandan clubs.

JB’s carefree spending continued in Rwanda and Burundi. By the time he left Burundi, he had spent his entire million and found himself unable to afford the ride back to the airport.

When they arrived at the airport, JB left his belongings, including clothes and liquor, with the motorcycle operator, pretending he would return shortly. However, he never did, and he landed back in Kenya with a mere twelve shillings, unable to pay the parking fees for his car at the airport.

In the aftermath of his extravagant escapade, JB faced the consequences of his actions. His heavy drinking habits during the 11-day tour were part of what contributed to the collapse of his marriage to Tina Kaggia, leading to their separation in 2017.

Despite the challenges he faced, JB’s story doesn’t end there. In 2019, he found love again with actress Jackie Karanja and married her.


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