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Another athlete dies in Iten after fight over lover years after Agnes Kiprop’s death

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a shocking turn of events, the serene town of Iten, known for its allure as a prime training destination for both Kenyan and foreign athletes, has once again been marred by tragedy.

A Rwandese athlete, Rubayita Sirag, lost his life in a tragic incident that is suspected to be a result of a love triangle involving a fellow athlete, Dancan Khamala, from Kenya.

The incident unfolded last week when reports emerged that Sirag and Khamala had engaged in a physical altercation, leading to Sirag’s untimely demise the following evening.

The two athletes, both known for their prowess in track events, reportedly fought over a woman, underscoring the potential perils of personal entanglements in the high-stress world of competitive sports.

Iten, nestled in the picturesque Kenyan landscape, has unfortunately become synonymous with such grim occurrences.

The tragedy surrounding Sirag marks the third instance of a sports-related death in Iten since 2021, painting a somber picture of a town otherwise celebrated for nurturing athletes’ dreams.

The local authorities have taken swift action to investigate the incident. Keiyo North Police Commander Tom Makori revealed that the preliminary investigations have hinted at a love triangle as the catalyst for the altercation. However, he emphasized that a conclusive understanding of the matter is still pending.

As the investigation unfolds, both Khamala and the woman at the center of the dispute are in police custody, awaiting interrogation.

The accounts of the tragic incident diverge between the two athletes.

According to Khamala, he and the woman had been involved in a relationship for a couple of months. He alleged that she had previously been romantically involved with Sirag but had ended the relationship before moving in with Khamala.

The simmering tensions between the two athletes reached a boiling point, culminating in a physical confrontation that led to Sirag’s grievous injuries.

In his own version of events, Khamala mentioned that he was unaware of why Sirag had visited his barber shop prior to the fight. What started as a verbal exchange soon escalated into a physical altercation, with both athletes ending up in a trench during the brawl. Khamala claimed to have lost consciousness during the fight, only to discover Sirag bleeding from the ears when he regained awareness.


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