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”Angejenga Nairobi’ Oga Obinna Criticizes Mulamwah for Building a Mansion in the Rural Area

by Paul Nyongesa
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Comedian and content creator Oga Obinna has strongly criticized his fellow comedian Mulamwah for investing a significant amount of money in building a luxurious mansion in their hometown, while he resides in a rented one-bedroom apartment in Nairobi.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Obinna expressed that constructing a house in the village while spending most of your time in the city is a misguided and unfavorable investment.

Obinna mentioned that he was among the first comedians to build a house in his hometown, but looking back, he now realizes that his decision to build there might not have been wise.

“I built a while ago, I think I was one of the first comedians to build. I built for my parents, I built for myself, but sometimes building in the village is a bad investment. Because most of the time, you’re not there, you build a house investing millions, more than ten million, and you don’t live there,” Obinna explained.

“For instance, I hardly sleep in my own house. When I go to Kisumu, I sleep in a hotel and just visit home briefly to see if the grass is cut. When I go home, I only sleep there for about 2 nights, and most of the time, I’m in Nairobi,” he added.

However, the comedian advised that he isn’t discouraging people from building but rather suggesting that if you build, you shouldn’t invest a lot of money in a place where you don’t spend much time.

“I don’t mean people shouldn’t build, go ahead and build, but don’t invest a lot of money. If you have a lot of money, that’s okay, but if you don’t, build a house close to where you’ll be living,” he said.

Obinna stated that he plans to acquire a house in Nairobi with a budget of 30 million Kenyan shillings. However, he mentioned that if he receives substantial funds, he might consider building or purchasing a house worth 60 million shillings.

Over the past weekend, Mulamwah shared with his fans the luxurious mansion he’s been constructing in his hometown of Kitale. He mentioned that he has spent over 10 million shillings, and the construction is around 70% complete.

Mulamwah also showcased to his followers how the completed mansion will look like once finished.

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