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Andrew Kibe Drops A Bombshell, Reveals five Reasons Why He Will Never Remarry

by Paul Nyongesa
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Andrew Kibe, a prominent Kenyan YouTuber, has unequivocally declared his stance against the prospect of entering into matrimony for a second time.

During one of his recent YouTube sessions, Kibe elaborated on his resolute decision, leaving no room for doubt that he will never entertain the idea of remarriage.

His declaration came in response to a female fan’s question, asking if he would consider taking her as his wife. Kibe’s answer was a clear and resounding “No.”

He further expounded on this sentiment by outlining five compelling reasons that underscore his aversion to marriage.

Chief among Kibe’s reservations is his perception of the chaotic nature of the institution of marriage.

Having himself been married for four years, he candidly expressed that he sees no value or necessity in obtaining another wife, remarking, “Si uliskia nikisema mimi sitaki bibi sioni haja ya kupata bibi, tufanye nini na yeye” (Did you hear me saying I don’t want a wife? I don’t see the need to get a wife, what will I do with her).

The bitterness stemming from his previous marriage experience has solidified his stance against entering into the same commitment again.

Kibe articulated his sentiments, stating that the presence of a wife or even a girlfriend in his life would disrupt his current flow of activities.

The intrusion of nagging and incessant questions, in his view, would hinder his ability to maintain his current lifestyle.

Kibe went on to list other reasons for his aversion to marriage.

He expressed frustration at the practice of being dragged into social events by spouses, something he finds unappealing.

He also critiqued the expectation of participating in religious practices, such as prayer, which may not align with his personal inclinations.

Moreover, Kibe touched upon the issue of physical intimacy in relationships. He described it as a chore, emphasizing the pressure to perform consistently in this aspect, especially when he introduced himself to his partner as a “star.” This self-imposed standard adds complexity to his relationships and contributes to his decision to steer clear of marriage.

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