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‘All My Bedmates Died’: Man with Sickle Cell Anaemia Appeals for Help from Concerned Kenyans

by Paul Nyongesa
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In 2022, the story of Michael Otieno, a then 17-year-old orphan battling sickle cell anaemia, captured hearts as he bravely admitted himself to Narok County Hospital when no one else would.

Born with the condition, Michael’s life has been marked by pain and uncertainty. What struck the nation was the poignant fact that not a single relative visited him during his six-month stay.

In a touching journal by his bedside, Michael poured out his heart in an emotional prayer, forgiving those who mistreated him.

Initially, well-wishers flocked to Kenyatta National Hospital where he had been transferred, offering support and blood donations. But over time, the visits dwindled, leaving him yearning for companionship.

The camaraderie he once shared with fellow patients has faded, leaving Michael feeling isolated. Despite the outpouring of love and blood donations earlier this year, his optimism has waned.

A glimmer of hope remains – the dream of receiving treatment in India. However, Michael’s current situation has left him yearning for something simpler: love and support.

In a recent interview, the ailing teenager revealed his stark reality.

“My end is near, I just need some hug and support,” he voiced with raw honesty. His plea is straightforward – he desires visitation. As he faces what he believes could be his final days, his ultimate wish is a simple one: to experience pure love.

.While he battles a relentless illness, his deepest longing is for the warmth of companionship. For those willing to offer solace, Michael can be reached at +254 741 114182.

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