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Alikiba Responds After Diamond Platnumz Invited Him to Perform at Wasafi Festival

by Paul Nyongesa
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Tanzanian Bongo music scene has been buzzing with excitement as Alikiba, a prominent figure in the industry, responds to Diamond Platnumz’s invitation to perform at the upcoming Wasafi Festival.

The festival, rooted in the heart of Mtwara, holds sentimental value for Diamond Platnumz, as it marked his first musical performance alongside Alikiba.

Diamond Platnumz, reflecting on his journey, shared how his initial show was a collaboration with Alikiba in Mtwara, which holds a special place in his heart.

He went on to mention the festival’s historical connection to Mtwara and the roots of his label, Wasafi. He also expressed his willingness to share the stage once again with Alikiba, despite the ongoing partnership with Alikiba’s brother, Abduba.

In response, Alikiba expressed gratitude for the invitation but stated that he hadn’t been previously informed about the opportunity. He regretfully declined due to his ongoing commitments and projects, highlighting his busy schedule as the reason behind his decision.

Despite the recent reconciliation efforts, it’s worth noting that Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz have had a history of rivalry. They’ve exchanged public remarks on social media, sometimes in a heated manner.

The recent spat seemed to center around Alikiba’s advice to Diamond Platnumz to focus on improving his production quality and vocal skills. In return, Diamond Platnumz criticized Alikiba for not adequately supporting his brother, Abduba, who is part of Alikiba’s label.

The reconciliation between these two iconic figures could have been a remarkable event in the Tanzanian music landscape.

However, Alikiba’s professional commitments prevented his participation in the festival. Despite this, the possibility of a collaboration between the two artists, as hinted by Diamond Platnumz, could be an exciting prospect for fans in the future.

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