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Alex Mwakideu leaves Radio Milele, Next move revealed

by Paul Nyongesa
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Renowned radio personality Alex Mwakideu, the familiar voice behind the popular show on Radio Milele, has bid adieu to the station after an impactful 5-year tenure.

The departure marks the end of an era and a fresh beginning for Mwakideu, who has become a staple in the airwaves.

In a heartfelt announcement shared on his Twitter account, Mwakideu expressed his gratitude and reflected on his time at Milele FM.

He wrote, “Yooooh! It’s been 5 years ndani ya Milele FM. NIME ENJOY!!! Let me say AHSANTE SANA to you, the Listener, because without you, hakuna radio! You are the reason we do this thing called Radio. Thank you all. Page closed. Onto the next one! Guess tunaenda wapi next….”

Mwakideu’s words of appreciation highlight the vital role listeners play in shaping the essence of radio.

His acknowledgment of their support underscores the symbiotic relationship between broadcasters and their audiences. With a tinge of nostalgia, he bids adieu to a chapter that has undoubtedly left an indelible mark.

Amid the announcement, conversations have been buzzing across the town as speculations have emerged regarding Mwakideu’s next move. According to insiders, the seasoned former Radio Maisha presenter is rumored to be venturing into a new avenue – Radio 47.

The anticipated shift to Radio 47 has sparked curiosity among his admirers, who are eagerly awaiting to witness Mwakideu’s distinctive charm and charisma gracing the airwaves once again.

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