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Akothee’s mysterious husband Omosh resurfaces in a Ferrari 599 GTB Worth Ksh 23 Million days amid break up reports

by Paul Nyongesa
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Dennis Schweizer, popularly known as Omosh and famously recognized as Akothee’s husband, has set tongues wagging with his recent outing in a sleek Ferrari 599 GTB.

Omosh took to Instagram to share a video of himself behind the wheel of the luxurious car, leaving fans and followers in awe. However, this attention-grabbing drive was not the only highlight of his social media post.

Omosh also imparted some words of wisdom, encouraging positivity and kindness in a message that resonates beyond his lavish display.

In the video, Omosh not only showcases the impressive features of the Ferrari 599 GTB but also delivers an inspiring message about embracing positivity and friendliness in one’s interactions.

“Let’s start a successful week! Think positively, be sincere and friendly to everyone. Whether it’s the shop assistant at the supermarket, the attendant at the petrol station, your employees, your business partner. Treat everyone with sincerity. Make everyone feel important. Because everyone is important! You can achieve anything! Live your life with pride.”

The Ferrari 599 GTB, which Omosh confidently flaunted, is no ordinary vehicle.

This grand tourer is designed to provide both comfort and exceptional performance, creating an experience that is as thrilling as it is luxurious. With an estimated price tag of Ksh 23 Million, this car is undoubtedly a symbol of extravagance and sophistication.

This is not the first time Omosh and Akothee have made headlines with their opulent lifestyle. In a previous instance, Akothee proudly showcased Omosh’s lavish kitchen in Switzerland, effectively shutting down critics who had cast doubt on her husband’s living situation.

Akothee, well-known for her bold and unapologetic attitude, confronted those who questioned Omosh’s status, reiterating that appearances can be deceiving and urging people to be more considerate in their judgments.

“Wenye mlisema Omosh hana nyumba hapa ni wapi. Ama ni kwako, Nauliza walee wa eeh Omosh anaishi wapi kwanai anaishi kwa streets. Hapa ni kwenu? Mbona huwa mna kiherehere sana, si mtulie mpekewe mdogo mdogo, where is Omosh house, huyu ameolewa, nauliza hapa ni kwenu? Hii sufuria ni yako? Uko na sufuria kama hii ndio ukuje hapa kupangia watu maisha?”

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