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Ababu Namwamba Breaks Silence After Reports of Dating TikTok Star Azziad Nasenya

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Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has addressed recent claims on social media suggesting a romantic involvement with media personality Azziad Nasenya.

In an exclusive interview with Kenyans, Namwamba vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that he and Nasenya do not share any form of romantic relationship.

Namwamba appeared visibly dismayed by the rumors and expressed empathy towards Nasenya, stating, “No. Azziad is not my girlfriend. I actually feel so bad and sorry for the poor girl.”

He drew attention to the challenges of being a public figure, likening the experience to developing the tough skin of a crocodile in order to withstand the constant scrutiny and speculation that comes with public life.

The Cabinet Secretary highlighted that Azziad Nasenya, along with other accomplished Kenyans, was appointed to a technical team within the Ministry of Sports due to the belief in their potential to contribute significantly.

Namwamba emphasized that the allegations being propagated are baseless and unfair, aiming to tarnish the reputation of individuals without any substantial evidence.

While Namwamba acknowledged the importance of holding public servants accountable, he underscored the distinction between scrutiny and spreading unfounded rumors that can harm the character of innocent individuals.

He questioned the motives behind distorting a particular photograph and turning it into something inappropriate, particularly concerning a young person who has demonstrated resilience in her personal and professional journey.

Expressing a sense of injustice, Namwamba defended both his own and Nasenya’s character, asserting, “Aziad is as innocent as I am.”

In a society where misinformation can spread rapidly through social media, he called for responsible sharing of information and a consideration of the potential consequences of such actions on the lives of individuals.


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