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“You’re Too Old for Him”: Woman Chased Away by Her 22-Year-Old Lover’s Family After She Bought Him Land

by Samantha
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Drama unfolded in a Kenyan household recently when 22-year-old Promise Karanja introduced his 42-year-old partner, Terryanne, to his relatives.

The meeting, which was meant to be a formal introduction, quickly escalated into a heated disagreement that showcased generational and societal differences.

Accompanied by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Promise and Terryanne arrived for the introduction in Kahawa West with hopes of gaining family approval for their relationship.

However, the age gap between the couple seemed to be a sticking point for Promise’s family. Despite his attempt to express his feelings for Terryanne, the family’s response was far from positive.

One family member questioned the authenticity of their relationship, suggesting that Terryanne’s financial status might have influenced Promise’s feelings.

The family went on to emphasize the age disparity, stating that Terryanne’s life experiences made her an unlikely match for the young man.

As the disagreement escalated, the tension in the room rose. The family members expressed their strong disapproval, even going so far as to threaten Promise with disownment if he continued his relationship with Terryanne.

The situation became increasingly strained as the couple held hands, further provoking the family’s anger.

Terryanne’s gesture of gifting Promise a piece of land as a sign of her commitment did little to quell the family’s concerns. Despite Terryanne’s attempt to reason with them, the family maintained their stance, demanding that Promise and Terryanne leave and never return.

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