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Gachagua ‘rejects’ request to rebuild vandalised Busia stadium

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed his stance on the vandalized Busia Stadium, asserting that it should not be rebuilt unless there is a guarantee from the residents that public property will not be destroyed again.

Gachagua emphasized that the decision to reconstruct the stadium would be contingent on the residents’ commitment to safeguarding it from further damage.

He questioned the logic of allocating funds to rebuild a facility that was demolished by its own locals, especially when there are other parts of the country lacking such amenities.

In his own words, Gachagua stated, “You mean to say you want money to rebuild and repair a Stadium that was vandalised by its own locals? How? And what are we supposed to tell those other Kenyans who have no stadiums? Do you want us to stop building new stadiums and renovate one that was destroyed? That request is a difficult one.”

He further suggested that the county government should formalize the request in writing, with an assurance that the renovated stadium will not fall victim to vandalism again.

Gachagua directed his remarks to the residents, urging them to take ownership of the facility and protect it for the greater benefit.

Addressing Busia Governor Paul Otuom’s plea for assistance in renovating the stadium, Gachagua expressed his condolences over the unfortunate state of the vandalized stadium.

Otuoma had reached out to President William Ruto for support following the destruction that took place during the Azimio La Umoja’s anti-government protest in July.

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