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What Ruto is Allegedly Doing After Realizing he Can’t Keep His Campaign Promises to Kenyans

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In recent days, President William Ruto has found himself at the center of controversy as allegations emerge suggesting a shift in his approach to campaign promises.

Kitui Central Member of Parliament, Makali Mulu, has been vocal in pointing out what he sees as discrepancies between Ruto’s pledges and his actions in office.

Mulu accuses Ruto of resorting to dishonesty after realizing the challenges of fulfilling some of the ambitious commitments he made during his campaign.

One of the key areas of contention highlighted by Mulu is the issue of growing public debt. Despite initially positioning himself as an opponent of excessive borrowing, records reportedly indicate that Ruto’s administration has accumulated a significant amount of debt, drawing comparisons to the borrowing habits of former President Uhuru Kenyatta. Mulu claims that Ruto’s borrowing has nearly equaled the loans taken by Uhuru, a stark contrast to his initial rhetoric.

Mulu asserts that Ruto’s attempts to downplay the debt issue by manipulating narratives are falling short, as he faces an intelligent Kenyan populace that can see through the obfuscation.

He urges Ruto to be transparent and forthright about the economic challenges faced by the government.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s “Day Break” show, Mulu remarked, “A lot of promises were made during the campaign, and we are now trying to balance between what was promised and the actual developments on the ground.”

Mulu’s critique centers on the need for Ruto to address his alleged campaign promise shortcomings directly, rather than attempting to manipulate public perception.

He points out that Ruto’s borrowing practices have placed him just a few billion shillings away from catching up with the amount of debt accumulated by Uhuru’s administration in its final year in office.

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