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Yvonne Khisa and Bushra Speak on Breakup With Crazy Kennar

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Crazy Kennar crew members Bushra and Yvonne Khisa have lifted the veil on their experiences within the content cartel and shed light on the reasons behind the group’s disintegration.

During an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Bushra and Yvonne recounted their collaboration spanning over six years and shared candid insights into their journey. The heart of their memories rests in the camaraderie that bonded them as a family.

Yvonne disclosed that their loyalty to Crazy Kennar was strong, emphasizing the shared moments and the unity that once defined their association. However, their trust was tested when they felt betrayed by Crazy Kennar himself.

The rupture of the team left Bushra and Yvonne reflecting on the past and contemplating their next steps. Bushra highlighted that the decision to part ways with Kennar came after an accumulation of disrespect and strains that became insurmountable. She asserted that their professional paths would not intertwine with Crazy Kennar’s in the future.

Interestingly, Crazy Kennar had recently announced his search for new female content creators to collaborate with, raising questions about the reshaping of his brand’s dynamic.

The initial unraveling of the Crazy Kennar crew had sparked curiosity, with speculations surrounding the reasons for their departure. Africas (Shiro) had earlier revealed that their connection with the team dissolved due to contract terminations.

Addressing the situation through their Instagram accounts, Yvonne and Bushra alluded to the notion that transparency would ultimately prevail, hinting at possible underlying issues.

Yvonne Khisa’s enigmatic social media post sparked curiosity, leaving followers pondering potential conflicts between her and Kennar. She wrote, “Toxic people acting as the victim is the funniest shit ever,” encapsulating her sentiments succinctly.

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