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Slayqueen in Tears as Husband Abandons Her with Three Kids, Marries Her Best Friend

by Samantha
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In a heart-wrenching story that has left a woman in deep pain, her husband has abandoned her after they had three children together.

To compound her anguish, she discovered that her husband is now engaged to her best friend. The woman, identified as @katharine795 on TikTok, shared her heartbreaking ordeal in a post.

According to @katharine795, her husband had never visited her parents, while he completed all the traditional marriage rites with her best friend.

Now, they are preparing to tie the knot. The woman expressed her grief, emphasizing that she is the mother of their three children. Adding insult to injury, she revealed that her husband is enjoying the money she earned while working in Saudi Arabia.

In her own words, @katharine795 said, “My best friend is getting married to my husband this Saturday. Now, it is their wedding, but I’m the mother of his three kids.

But he has never even visited my parents. He is enjoying with my three years of Saudi Arabia money. One day, you will pay for what you have done.”

The TikTok video quickly garnered attention and generated various reactions from viewers. Many expressed their support for the heartbroken woman, encouraging her to take action.

@Nomier Kelly advised her to go after them and teach them a lesson, asserting that there is no time to cry in 2023. Another user, @loyongwg4ak, advised her to overcome the situation by doing good and leaving revenge to God.

@dyeb0tq496fo commented, assuring her that her husband would face the consequences of his actions, while @Solex-tj offered words of encouragement, stating that she deserves the best and that everything will eventually be alright.

The pain and betrayal experienced by this woman highlight the emotional toll that infidelity and broken trust can inflict on individuals and families.

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