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Shocking Scandal: Itumbi Accused of Content Theft to Boost Government’s Image!

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan comedy content creator, Mkenya Isaak 7Million, whose real name is Isaac Sichei, recently found himself embroiled in a content dispute with government blogger Dennis Itumbi. The controversy arose when Itumbi reposted Isaak’s video with a different message, attributing it to a Trans-Nzoia farmer praising the government’s fertilizer subsidy program.

In the original video, Isaak humorously talked about the ease of life during the second half of the year, which he likened to a time of plenty and celebration. He encouraged his viewers to enjoy the fruits of their labor, especially if they had successfully planted crops between May and July. Isaak emphasized that during the coming months, people would have a lot of money, and the celebrations would be abundant.

However, when Itumbi reposted the video, he altered the caption to imply that it was a testimonial of the success of the government’s fertilizer subsidy program. This did not sit well with Isaak 7Million, who accused Itumbi of using his content without permission and misrepresenting its original intent.

In a series of videos, Isaak expressed his disappointment in Itumbi, who commands a significant following on social media, for stealing his content and using it to promote government programs without consulting him. He clarified that he had no issue with Itumbi reposting the video, but he objected to the misleading caption and message attached to it.

Isaak also debunked the notion that he was being paid by the government to promote its agendas on the ground. He vehemently denied any involvement in such activities and lamented that Itumbi’s actions had led to false assumptions among his followers.

Moreover, Isaak claimed that Itumbi had been paid to promote the government while leaving him empty-handed in Kitale. This incident is not the first time the Kenya Kwanza regime has been caught copy-pasting and lifting content from other creators to promote government initiatives and portray a positive image of President William Ruto’s administration.

In June 2023, President Ruto’s social media accounts published a piece titled ‘The Second Vulture,’ which turned out to be a work of another content creator, Kapyoseiin Moibenshire. When Moibenshire demanded recognition for his work, the post was deleted and later re-shared with quotation marks, seemingly attempting to differentiate it from the original.

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