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Ruto’s Intelligence Uncovers Secret Money Trails Tying Kenyatta to Azimio Demos

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President William Ruto convened a crucial meeting at State House where alleged links to those supporting the Azimio demonstrations were uncovered.

Expressing concern over the upcoming protests led by Raila Odinga, the President urged the government to take strong action against those found to be behind the demonstrations, emphasizing the need to protect the nation’s peace and stability.

The meeting, attended by over 200 elected leaders, was marked by tense discussions.

President Ruto raised suspicions regarding whether Former President Uhuru Kenyatta was secretly funding the demonstrations, a claim previously mentioned during his speech in Maai Mahiu.

According to a confidential source, an MP from Nyanza, the meeting at State House revealed details of money trails and strategic meetings associated with Azimio, indicating that the demonstrations were well-organized and gained momentum quickly due to funding from the Former President.

Although the identity of the MP remains anonymous, they disclosed being instructed to counter the Azimio demonstrations by organizing meetings within their respective constituencies.

This development suggests an escalating situation as both sides closely monitor each other’s actions.

The Azimio la Umoja coalition leader, Raila Odinga, announced a series of demonstrations scheduled for the following week.

The heightened tensions surrounding these events have raised concerns about the potential consequences of even minor actions.

Odinga, in response to President Kenyatta’s recent remarks about dealing with him politically, has voiced apprehension regarding alleged threats directed at Azimio leaders.

This statement has intensified fears that President Kenyatta may be involved in activities targeting Odinga and his supporters, further fueling the already charged atmosphere.

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