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Raila Odinga’s Next Move to Ensure Safety Amidst Security Withdrawal

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has found himself in unfamiliar territory as President William Ruto’s administration withdrew his security detail amidst ongoing protests.

Despite the withdrawal of state security, Raila has various options to ensure his safety during these protests.

Narc Kenya Leader Martha Karua confirmed that the anti-government demonstrations would continue as planned, even without state security.

Speaking to Kenyans.CO.KE, Security analysts have weighed in on the matter and provided potential solutions for Raila’s safety.

Dr. Mustafa Ali suggested that Raila can rely on his competent private security personnel, which is a common alternative for prominent individuals who no longer receive government security.

Private security firms offer services such as surveillance, communication monitoring, and armed guard services, which Raila can take advantage of.

Dr. Ali also advised Raila to consider enhancing his existing private security team with experienced individuals who have previously worked at high levels of government.

This would ensure that the security personnel are familiar with Raila’s needs and security protocols.

Security Analyst Weke Okello, a retired police officer, believes that the withdrawal of Raila’s security is meant to intimidate the Azimio la Umoja coalition and gauge the public sentiment.

Weke suggested that Raila should implement different levels of protection, particularly in public places. He also advised Raila to avoid risk-prone areas until he can be certain of his safety.

Weke further recommended that Raila could consider relocating to a more secure location if he feels that his current residence is no longer safe.

This could involve moving to a private residence, a government compound, or even a foreign embassy. Additionally, Raila may need to reduce his public activities, including limiting travel, public appearances, and social media presence.

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