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Prophet Owuor: If it Couldn’t Be My Miracles, Peru Could be a Desert Place

by Paul Nyongesa
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Nominated Senator Veronica Maina has raised concerns over the title bestowed upon preacher Dr. David Owuor, who is often referred to as the ‘mightiest prophet of God.’

During a Senate Committee probe on the Shakahola deaths, Senator Maina questioned the use of such a title, expressing her worries about the elevated position it places Dr. Owuor in the realm of ministry.

“We’ve also seen roads washed in Nakuru with jik and omo. My concern was the purpose for which that road was washed,” she added, referring to an event where roads were cleaned in Nakuru in anticipation of the preacher’s arrival.

Senator Maina argued that the title ‘the mightiest prophet of God’ elevates Dr. Owuor to a position higher than that of Jesus Christ in the Bible, which goes against the beliefs and doctrines of Christianity and the church.

She expressed her concerns about the usage of such language and requested an explanation from Owuor’s advocate, Dr. John Jared Owuor.

In response, Dr. Owuor’s advocate defended the title, stating that the preacher has performed numerous miracles that justify the profound designation.

He emphasized that Dr. Owuor had made declarations of opening the heavens and causing rain in a desert country like Lima, Peru, and the records of these events are available.

According to the advocate, these extraordinary feats qualify him as a ‘mighty prophet.’

“The mighty prophet, when he was going to Lima Peru declared that he will open the heavens. That country is a desert. He went there and opened heavens and it rained. The records are there. He is a mighty prophet,” he added.

Regarding the act of cleaning the road for Dr. Owuor’s visit, the advocate compared it to the gestures shown to esteemed guests and heads of state during their visits to different countries. He explained that the cleaning of roads and pathways is a form of kind gesture, demonstrating respect and esteem for the visitor.

On the issue of church regulations, the advocates argued against government interference in spiritual matters, stating that it goes against biblical principles. They asserted that churches should be allowed to self-regulate, as it has been traditionally, without external intervention.

The Senate Ad Hoc Committee also conducted a public hearing where submissions from the public and organizations regarding religion and church regulations were received. The Committee is investigating the religious extremism in Shakahola, which tragically led to the deaths of over 420 people.

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