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Multi-Million Businesses Owned by Odinga’s Son Raila Junior

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Raila Odinga Junior, the son of former prime minister Raila Amollo Odinga, has made a name for himself not only as the offspring of a respected political figure but also as a successful businessman with significant investments across Kenya.

Despite his privileged background, Raila Junior’s journey to business success began with a modest salary of Ksh10,000 in his first job as an accountant.

Today, he stands as a prominent entrepreneur, proving that hard work, determination, and innovation can lead to great achievements.

Raila Junior started his career path by taking a job as an accountant at an aviation company. In this role, he handled bookkeeping, petty cash management, and ensured the smooth functioning of financial operations.

Earning Ksh10,000 at the time was considered a substantial amount of money, reflecting the value he brought to the company.

However, Raila Junior decided to forge his own path away from the world of politics, even though his father is a prominent figure in Kenyan politics.

He ventured into entrepreneurship and founded Creative Hub, a successful media company based in Nairobi. Raila Junior serves as the company’s executive producer and Chief Financial Officer, combining his academic training and financial expertise to drive the company’s growth.

Creative Hub specializes in the production of TV commercials, injecting fresh economic endeavors into a family primarily associated with opposition politics.

The inspiration for starting the media company came from underutilized equipment that was purchased during the 2012 election campaigns. Rather than letting the equipment go to waste, Raila Junior saw an opportunity to transform it into a thriving business venture.

The company operates with a small team of producers who work on a project-by-project basis, leveraging outsourced equipment and crew when necessary. This approach allows Creative Hub to manage its cash flow effectively, particularly during periods when projects may be scarce.

Raila Junior’s commitment to maintaining international standards has led him to collaborate with foreign directors, ensuring that his team develops top-notch production skills.

However, being the son of a well-known politician comes with its challenges. Raila Junior acknowledged that clients have high expectations of him due to his surname, but he strives to exceed those expectations through professionalism and strong work ethics.

Hefirmly emphasizes that his success is rooted in his own capabilities as a businessman and not solely in his family background.

Raila Junior’s journey from earning a modest salary to managing a multi-million business empire showcases his resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to carving out his own path.

Despite facing initial pressure associated with his family’s prominence, he has grown into a confident and self-assured entrepreneur who knows his worth and capabilities.

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