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Mixed Reactions as Uhuru’s Man Wahome Thuku Now Reveals Who Might Have Ordered the Arrest of Blogger Njoroge

by Paul Nyongesa
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Renowned lawyer and political blogger, Wahome Thuku, recently commented on the arrest of Pauline Njoroge, a prominent political blogger and digital strategist, in Watamu, Kilifi County.

Njoroge’s detention raised questions and controversies, leading Thuku to share his thoughts on the matter via Facebook.

The lawyer speculated about the possible culprits behind the arrest and expressed his uncertainty regarding President Ruto’s involvement in the incident.

In her account of events, Pauline Njoroge revealed the tactics used by law enforcement in Malindi to try to lure her into an arrest.

The order for her apprehension was reportedly issued a week before her arrest, and detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) started tracking her movements.

Njoroge mentioned receiving suspicious phone calls from someone claiming to be a banker with confidential documents to share.

Cautious about the calls, she chose to ignore them.

Additionally, a friend of hers received a call inquiring about tour services from Malindi to Mombasa. Despite these odd encounters, Njoroge and her companion went about their day, visiting various tourist spots.

Lawyer Wahome Thuku, known for his candid views on political matters, offered his take on the situation.

Although he admitted to criticizing President Ruto in the past, Thuku expressed his admiration for the leader and cast doubt on his involvement in Njoroge’s arrest.

Instead, the lawyer speculated that some politicians in close proximity to the President might have played a role in the incident.

Thuku identified four or five individuals he referred to as “devil’s agents” who could have acted on “Orders From Above” or “Powers That Be.” Comparing them to President Ruto, he appeared to see the latter in a more positive light.

The allegations and speculations surrounding Njoroge’s arrest have added fuel to the political fire in Kenya.

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