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Martha Karua Slams Nation Media Group for Misquoting Her – Threatens Legal Action

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Martha Karua, the leader of the Narc Kenya party, has strongly criticized the Nation Media Group for allegedly misquoting her without seeking her consent.

Expressing her discontent through a tweet, Karua announced her intention to take legal action against the media house.

The controversy stems from a report by the Nation Media Group suggesting the possibility of truce talks between Raila Odinga, leader of the Azimio political alliance, and President William Ruto.

However, Karua vehemently denied the existence of such negotiations, asserting that she, as a prominent figure in Azimio’s leadership, had no knowledge of any discussions involving Lawyer Makau Mutua or Junet Mohamed.

“Nation Media Group,  It is unprofessional for your paper Daily Nation to publish gossip/propaganda by your reporter Ms Obala and purported to quote me without seeking any confirmation or comment from me. As part of Azimio’s top leadership, I am not aware of any such negotiations by Makau Mutua or Junet Mohamed. Expect a formal demand letter from me FYI,” Karua tweeted.

Karua’s tweet addressed the Daily Nation newspaper directly, accusing them of unprofessionalism for publishing what she called “gossip/propaganda” without verifying the information or seeking her confirmation or comment.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the report and declared her intention to send a formal demand letter to the media house. Karua’s response highlights her commitment to setting the record straight and seeking accountability for the alleged misrepresentation of her statements.

Reports have circulated suggesting the potential for a truce between Raila Odinga and President William Ruto, but close associates of both leaders have dismissed these claims.

Against this backdrop, Azimio, the political alliance led by Odinga, has announced plans to carry out three-day protests from Wednesday to Friday.

However, the government has vowed to prevent these protests from taking place, and William Ruto has pledged to use all available resources to quash the demonstrations.

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