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Lady thrown into confusion mode after lover gifts her 88k hours after catching him cheating

by Paul Nyongesa
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A Nigerian woman named Precious found herself in a perplexing situation when her boyfriend credited her account with KSh 88,440 after she caught him cheating.

The incident left her torn between forgiveness and moving on. A photo of the couple was provided by RealPeople, with photo credits to Lona Studio and Bloomberg.

According to Precious, she decided to surprise her boyfriend by visiting his house after his return from a trip.

However, her surprise quickly turned into heartbreak when she discovered him with another woman. Overwhelmed with emotions, she left the house in tears. As she reached home, intending to block his phone number, she received an unexpected message from her boyfriend.

The message contained an apology and an assurance that he would make amends. In a surprising gesture, he had sent her KSh 88,440 as a token of his remorse for the pain he had caused.

Precious shared her confusion on Twitter, expressing how the message immediately healed her broken heart but left her uncertain about whether to forgive him.

Netizens had varied reactions to Precious’s story. Some questioned the sincerity behind the gesture, suggesting that her boyfriend might repeat his actions in the future.

Others advised her to accept the money and forgive him, suggesting that he would likely continue buying forgiveness in the future.

A few took a more light-hearted approach, encouraging her to continue surprising him to receive even more financial compensation.

Ultimately, Precious was caught between her emotions and the material gesture she had received. The decision to forgive or end the relationship weighed heavily on her mind.

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