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Kenyan Man Regrets Marrying Late at Age 27, Urges Others to Consider Early Marriage

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A 40-year-old Kenyan man has shared his regrets about marrying late and expressed the importance of considering early marriage.

In a video posted by @nairobigossipclub on Instagram, the man, holding a small baby, candidly speaks about the challenges of having a baby in his older age and encourages parents to support their children should they decide to marry early.

The man starts by emphasizing the exhaustion that comes with having a small baby demanding one’s energy in old age.

He then reflects on his own life, revealing that he got married at 27 years old. In hindsight, he believes that marrying even earlier would have been better for him and his family.

If he had married at 18, he calculates that his first-born child would be 20 years old by now. He advises young people to consider marriage early and not worry about society’s idea of getting money first before starting a family, as time is constantly moving forward.

He goes on to stress the significance of having children at a younger age.

According to him, having children while young allows parents to invest their energy in raising and supporting their children during their formative years.

By the time parents reach old age, their children would have grown up and would not require constant attention and care.

However, he admits that he made a mistake by delaying marriage until he was 27 years old, and he now regrets not starting his family earlier.

The man’s heartfelt message resonates with the idea that time waits for no one and that delaying important life decisions can lead to missed opportunities.

He urges young people not to focus solely on getting money first but to also consider building a family early in life.

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