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Influencer Feud Takes a Sinister Turn as Lillyanne Aketch’s Son Uncovers Cebbie Koks’ Shocking Reaction to His Father’s Tragic End

by Paul Nyongesa
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The animosity between influencers Lillyanne Aketch and Cebbie Koks has taken a disturbing turn, now affecting the next generation.

Lillyanne recently shared a heart-wrenching revelation that her son, Neville, discovered that Cebbie allegedly celebrated and laughed at the sudden passing of his father, George Misolo, known as Baba Neville in their social circles.

Lillyanne, a political strategist and influencer, opened up about the challenging task of breaking the news of his father’s death to Neville and how he accidentally stumbled upon Cebbie’s alleged behavior.

They had initially planned for Neville’s uncle to deliver the news, hoping that Lillyanne’s emotional state wouldn’t further distress him.

However, Neville’s curiosity led him to question his uncle about his mother’s absence, ultimately revealing the devastating news.

Neville’s reaction was understandably inconsolable, and he demanded to visit his father’s homestead and later the morgue to confirm the truth.

In a shocking twist, Neville discovered Cebbie’s alleged celebration of his father’s death through an online news source while innocently downloading games. This revelation has further fueled his anger and resentment towards Cebbie.

Lillyanne expressed her dismay that Neville learned about this through blogs, emphasizing that they would address the issue in due time.

Neville, a reserved and introverted boy, has been deeply affected by the loss and can only find solace in tears and sleep. Lillyanne hopes that with time, Neville will find healing and overcome this immense pain.

The ongoing feud between Lillyanne and Cebbie has been known for some time. Earlier this year, Cebbie accused Lillyanne of spreading false stories about her and claiming false closeness to make her narratives seem credible.

The tensions escalated when Cebbie interpreted Lillyanne’s emotional post about God’s protection as a celebration of Baba Neville’s demise.

Furthermore, Lillyanne has insinuated that her friendship with Cebbie’s husband, Steve Ogolla, has contributed to the strained relationship between the two women. Lillyanne claimed that she and Steve had been friends before Cebbie “seduced him,” implying that their friendship was a source of contention.

As of now, Cebbie has not responded to the allegations regarding her alleged celebration of Baba Neville’s death.

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