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‘I’ll be missing You’ DJ Brownskin pays tribute to late wife

by Paul Nyongesa
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Michael Macharia Njiri, also known as DJ Brownskin, recently marked the first anniversary of his wife Sharon Njeri’s tragic death with a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. Njeri’s passing was a result of an alleged suicide on July 29, 2022.

In his tribute post, DJ Brownskin shared an image of a lit candle and added the touching soundtrack of Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs’ hit single “I’ll Be Missing You.” The gesture reflected the depth of his grief and the love he had for his late wife.

However, the DJ’s life took a dark turn when he was arrested and charged in June.

The authorities accused him of aiding his wife in committing suicide by failing to use reasonable force to prevent the act, as stipulated in Section 225 (c) of the Penal Code.

Additionally, he faced charges of destroying evidence related to her suicide from his phone, with full knowledge that the evidence would be required for judicial proceedings. DJ Brownskin denied these charges vehemently.

The arrest followed the emergence of a distressing video recorded by a blogger that captured Njeri’s last moments. The video depicted her holding a bottle of what is believed to be poison while threatening to end her life.

Tragically, she followed through on her threat, and DJ Brownskin was allegedly recording the entire episode.

After his wife’s death, DJ Brownskin shared his pain in a social media post, expressing that her passing had left a “huge gaping hole” that he tried to fill with the memories of their shared love.

Fortunately for DJ Brownskin, he was released on a bond of Sh200,000 by Milimani chief magistrate Lukas Onyina on June 19.

The magistrate considered the pre-bail report, which seemed to be in favor of the accused, and ruled that he was not a flight risk if released. The bond or cash bail was set, allowing DJ Brownskin some degree of freedom while he faced the legal proceedings.

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