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“Ilikuwa ni Aibu Sana”: Raila Spills the Beans on What Ruto Told President Suluhu in a Phone Call

by Paul Nyongesa
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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has revealed intriguing details of a phone call made by President William Ruto to President Samia Suluhu of Tanzania after her arrival in Kenya to mediate talks between the “Kenya Kwanza” faction and the “Azimio” wing.

In an interview with a Tanzanian TV channel, Raila disclosed that it was President Ruto himself who extended the invitation to President Suluhu, urging her to visit Kenya for the mediation talks.

Upon learning of President Suluhu’s visit through Ruto’s team, Raila insisted on having a one-on-one meeting with the Tanzanian President before proceeding with the talks involving Ruto’s faction.

Raila narrated that he spent the entire evening meeting with President Suluhu, waiting for President Ruto to join the meeting. However, as the night wore on, Ruto was a no-show, and it was only then that he made a phone call to Mama Suluhu Hassan, informing her that he could not attend the meeting. According to Raila, Ruto cited being somehow annoyed as the reason for his absence.

“We sat there with Mama Suluhu until night time. At night, Ruto called her and told her that he could not come. That he was annoyed and so on…,” Raila claimed.

The opposition leader expressed his dismay at the situation, considering it a significant embarrassment that Ruto had invited a neighboring country’s president to Kenya and then failed to meet her.

“It was a very big embarrassment that Mama, the president of a neighboring country, came here, and he failed to meet her,” Raila said.

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