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Ida Odinga provides latest health update on Raila

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife, Mama Ida Odinga, has released a statement updating the public on her husband’s health condition.

Raila Odinga was diagnosed with a severe bout of flu last week, which caused him to retreat from the public eye for nearly a week.

In the statement issued on Tuesday, Mama Ida, who holds a central role in Raila Odinga’s family, conveyed that her husband has now made a full recovery. He is eager to resume his duties as soon as he receives clearance from his doctors.

Despite battling his illness, Raila Odinga has remained steadfast in his support for the ongoing protests. He has urged his followers to continue advocating for improved living standards in the country.

“I may have been dealing with a terrible flu, but I am on the path to recovery,” Raila shared. “I encourage my supporters to persist with the protests, as tomorrow (Friday) marks the grand finale.”

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