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‘I am tired of living a lie, my baby daddy is Kalonzo Musyoka’s brother’ – Justina Syokau

by Paul Nyongesa
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Gospel musician Justina Syokau has been the subject of much speculation and curiosity ever since she rose to fame.

Throughout her career, she managed to keep her baby daddy’s identity hidden from the public eye.

However, it seems that she has finally decided to break her silence and reveal the truth.

In the past, Syokau disclosed that she had tied the knot in 2012, but her marriage quickly crumbled, leading to a divorce with her baby daddy in 2013.

Among the reasons cited for the separation were infidelity and other personal issues.

Since then, she claimed that she had not engaged in any sexual relations following the divorce.

But now, after years of keeping the secret buried, Syokau has made the courageous decision to unveil her mystery ex-husband.

Taking to her Instagram account, she poured out her heart in a lengthy post, expressing her weariness of living a lie.

With emotions laid bare, she revealed the identity of her baby daddy as Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, who happens to be a brother to Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

The revelation undoubtedly came as a surprise to her fans and followers, who had been speculating about the identity of her baby daddy for years. Syokau’s decision to unmask her ex-husband speaks to her desire for transparency and the need to move forward truthfully.

In her heartfelt post, she also shared her struggles and emotions.

😭😭😭 my worst day in my life 😭😭 Am tired of faking am not ok. My x name is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka Brother to kalonzo Musyoka,” Syokau said.

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