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From Eviction to Empowerment: Single Mum Builds Her Dream House After She Was Evicted By Landlord

by Samantha
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After years of procrastination, Susan Warui took a leap of faith and embarked on an ambitious project – building her dream house in Matasia, Ngong.

The decision came after hitting her lowest point on December 24, when her landlord evicted her due to rent arrears.

This eviction was the catalyst that pushed her to pursue her dream of having a home where she and her two sons, aged 10 and seven, would never face eviction again.

Susan’s determination to provide her children with a stable and secure home became her driving force.

She adopted a pragmatic approach, deciding to use the money she had been spending on rent to gradually improve the structure of her dream house every month.

Though the journey was challenging, Susan found immense motivation from her two boys, who became her biggest cheerleaders.

They would share meals together at the construction site and were fully invested in the process.

Alongside her sons, Susan’s friends, nuclear family, and the supportive builders acted as her cheering squad, offering encouragement and assistance throughout the journey.

Building a house as a single woman came with its unique set of challenges. Susan encountered biases from some oeople in the industry who doubted her capabilities.

However, she remained resolute, choosing to work only with those who believed in her vision.

Despite the difficulties, Susan overcame obstacles and found trustworthy suppliers who supported her efforts.

They believed in her sincerity and readily extended her credit, which allowed her to continue the construction.

Moving into the incomplete house in April was a significant milestone for Susan.

While there were errors and omissions during the process, she was grateful for the opportunity to identify areas for improvement.

She learned valuable lessons, acknowledging that altering the original plan excessively resulted in more rooms than necessary and a smaller kitchen.

Looking ahead, Susan remains hopeful that she can convince her neighbor, who is yet to build, to sell her the adjacent plot, providing her with additional space.

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