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European Ambassadors Urge Raila Odinga and William Ruto to Embrace Dialogue and Prevent Loss of Lives

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A group of European ambassadors and high commissioners has issued a joint statement appealing to ODM leader Raila Odinga and President William Ruto to engage in dialogue and prevent demonstrations that could result in the loss of lives.

The statement, signed by at least 13 ambassadors and high commissioners, expresses concern over the recent loss of lives and violence during protests. The ambassadors also highlight their worries about the use of live bullets during demonstrations.

The joint statement expresses sadness over the loss of life and condemns the high levels of violence witnessed, including property destruction, during recent protests.

The ambassadors acknowledge the daily hardships faced by many Kenyans and call upon all parties involved to engage in a meaningful dialogue to address their concerns peacefully.

The aim is to foster national unity and prevent further loss of life. The statement emphasizes the need for open and constructive discussions to resolve differences and build a stronger nation together.

“We are saddened by the loss of life and concerned by high levels of violence, including the use of live rounds and the destruction of property, during the recent demonstrations,” their statement read in part.

“We recognise the daily hardships faced by many Kenyans and urge all parties to table concerns through a meaningful dialogue and resolve their differences peacefully to build the nation together, ensuring no further loss of life.”

The ambassadors and high commissioners who signed the statement include representatives from various European countries. They are Luke Williams (High Commissioner, Australia), Christopher Thornley (High Commissioner, Canada), Ole Thonke (Ambassador, Denmark), Valentin Zellweger (Ambassador, Switzerland), Andrii Pravednyk (Ambassador, Ukraine), Josephine Gauld (Charge d’Affaires, United Kingdom), Meg Whitman (Ambassador, United States), Pirkka Tapiola (Ambassador, Finland), Sebastian Groth (Ambassador, Germany), Fionnuala Quinlan (Ambassador, Ireland), Maarten Brouwer (Ambassador, Netherlands), Geir Arne Schei (Charge d’Affaires, Norway), and Caroline Vicini (Ambassador, Sweden). Their collective message underscores the importance of peaceful resolution and dialogue to address the current challenges faced by Kenya.

The statement is issued as the Azimio movement declares its intention to hold mass protests on three consecutive days – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – as a sign of revolt against President William Ruto. In response, Ruto has vowed to prevent the protests from taking place, mobilizing resources to ensure they do not happen.

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