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Eric Omondi: Kenyans will pay sh 50 million each to see my baby’s face

by Paul Nyongesa
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Comedian Eric Omondi has left fans and the media stunned with his recent announcement regarding his daughter’s face.

The popular comedian, now working as a humanitarian, stated that he would not unveil his daughter’s face on social media for free. Instead, he revealed that he will only do so at a hefty price of Ksh50 million.

In a candid conversation with journalists, Eric emphasized that revealing his daughter’s face would come with a significant price tag.

He made it clear that he is determined to keep her identity private unless someone is willing to pay the substantial amount. “Face ya mtoi wangu itakuwa pesa mingi,” he asserted.

Eric Omondi humorously mentioned that anyone willing to pay the whopping sum, even if it’s a newspaper, would have the privilege of unveiling his child’s face.

The decision to put a price on his daughter’s face reveal comes in the wake of Eric’s promise to open an Instagram account for his unborn baby.

Initially, he had planned to use the platform to keep fans updated on their parenthood journey. However, it seems he has now had a change of heart and wants to keep his daughter’s face a well-guarded secret.

Eric’s fiance, Lynne, recently shared details about her pregnancy journey, revealing that their current pregnancy is a rainbow one. Tragically, they had suffered a miscarriage late last year, making the arrival of their daughter even more special and cherished.

While some fans may be taken aback by Eric Omondi’s decision to put a price on unveiling his daughter’s face, it is evident that he is serious about safeguarding her privacy. With a booming career and a growing family, Eric’s life is under constant scrutiny, and his determination to protect his daughter shows his commitment to her well-being.

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