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Details emerge on why self-proclaimed Luo prophet was kicked out of President Ruto’s function

by Samantha
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Self-proclaimed Prophet Joseph Chenge’s relentless pursuit to deliver a personal message to President William Ruto hit another roadblock when he was ejected from an event attended by the head of state.

Despite his persistent efforts, Chenge’s attempts to engage with the president have repeatedly been in vain.

Chenge, the founder and leader of Jerusalem Mowar Church, has been on a mission to convey what he believes is a crucial message to President Ruto.

In previous endeavors, he tried to attract the president’s attention through the media, only to face arrest and detainment by the authorities instead of eliciting a response from the president.

His latest effort seemed promising, as he found himself in close proximity to President Ruto during a thanksgiving service for Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo in Kanyipir Village.

Seizing the opportunity, Chenge strategically positioned himself in the middle of a dome tent where the president was present. Accompanied by two followers, he patiently awaited the right moment to execute his plan.

As a pastor from the Seventh Day Adventist Church delivered a speech on the main stage, Chenge and his assistants began praying at the back of the tent.

Initially, the silence allowed their prayers to be audible. However, the growing murmurs from the crowd soon drowned out their words. People started turning their attention towards Chenge, prompting security personnel to intervene swiftly.

Recognizing the disruption caused, security personnel escorted Chenge and his assistants out of the tent. A group of General Service Unit officers was assigned to ensure that no further disturbances occurred.

Despite facing continuous setbacks, Chenge remains undeterred in his mission to deliver his message to President Ruto.

While his attempts thus far have been met with resistance, he persists in seeking alternative avenues to engage with the president and convey what he believes is a crucial message.

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