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Chipukeezy: How I Got a Multi-Million Job Pay at State House

by Paul Nyongesa
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Celebrated comedian Vincent Mwasya, popularly known as Chipukeezy, recently shared an intriguing story about his first encounter with Deputy President William Ruto, a meeting that would become a turning point in his career.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, Chipukeezy, who currently serves as the State House MC, reminisced about the pivotal moment that led to his appointment to the National Authority for Campaigns Against Alcohol and Drugs Abuse (Nacada) board.

The meeting between Chipukeezy and the then Deputy President was made possible by former Starehe MP, Charles Jaguar, who facilitated the introduction.

Chipukeezy revealed that he sought the opportunity to meet with Dr. Ruto to discuss his passion for making a positive impact on the lives of young people through his work.

Recalling the meeting, Chipukeezy expressed his aspirations to address drug abuse among the youth and shared his efforts in creating positive change through his online show, Chipukeezy. He also spoke about his involvement in building a school in his hometown and the importance of continuing this noble work.

“When I saw that opportunity, I looked for the then DP William Ruto and went to his office. Of course, I was guided by Jaguar on how to access him. We met, and I asked him to give me a job,” Chipukeezy recounted.

During their conversation, Chipukeezy emphasized his desire for a job that would enable him to impact young people positively.

He shared that he did not seek financial assistance for his school project; instead, he wanted a job to focus on educating and empowering youths against drug abuse, all while learning to quit alcohol himself.

Impressed by his passion and dedication, Deputy President Ruto granted him the Nacada job.

However, Chipukeezy clarified that his appointment to the Nacada board was not solely due to his friendship with Jaguar. He emphasized that he actively sought out the position because of his genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young people.

“I did not go to Karen to look for that job like a celeb; I went there like a Kenyan. He saw me fit, and that is why I did it so passionately. I was below 25 years old and had already achieved so much in the industry. When you look at a young person of my level to represent the youths, I qualified for that,” Chipukeezy proudly asserted.

As he prepares to celebrate a decade in the comedy industry, Chipukeezy plans to mark the milestone with a grand event named “Ten Toes Down,” which will take place from KICC to Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre at MKU Thika on August 5, 2023. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to inspire and uplift young people and announced his dedication to supporting industry veteran Churchill in further developing and nurturing the comedy sector.

In addition to the celebrations, Chipukeezy also unveiled his plans to unite comedians from across Africa to partake in the festivities, celebrating the profound impact they collectively made on the youth and society at large.

The event promises to be a memorable occasion, celebrating not only Chipukeezy’s success but also the power of laughter and positive influence on the lives of young people.

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