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Breaking: Willis Raburu lands new job days after ditching Citizen Tv

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Former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu recently announced that he has secured a new job in Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office.

Raburu revealed this during an interview on Phil Director’s podcast, where he briefly discussed his role and future plans.

Describing himself as a strategist and consultant, Raburu indicated that he would be involved in various projects benefiting the governor and other companies.

Although he did not provide specific details about his position, a close source disclosed to Nairobi News that Raburu would serve as Sakaja’s Communications Director.

During the interview, Raburu also opened up about the challenging times he faced when his body weight became a subject of ridicule and criticism.

He shared how the negative comments took a toll on his mental and emotional well-being, especially when even friends within the industry joined in body shaming him.

The hurtful remarks deeply affected Raburu, and he admitted that it was stressful and disturbing to constantly face vulgar and ruthless comments.

In response, he made the decision to stop reading such comments altogether, prioritizing his mental health and shielding himself from negativity.

Raburu recounted an incident involving a radio presenter whose derogatory remarks left him deeply affected.

He took the opportunity to candidly confront the presenter, expressing his disappointment and emphasizing the importance of supporting one another instead of deriving amusement from someone else’s pain.

Despite the challenges he faced, Raburu expressed excitement about his new role and the opportunities it presents. He also acknowledged the growth of the digital space, hinting at the possibility of a return to the screen.

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