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Bahati: Why I Stopped Singing Gospel Music and Will Never Return to It

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenyan singer Bahati recently opened up about his decision to step away from gospel music, citing self-righteousness and judgmental attitudes within the gospel industry as the primary reasons for his departure.

Speaking on his wife Diana Marua’s YouTube Channel, Bahati expressed his disdain for people who acted holier than others and revealed that he had confronted some artists for their judgmental behavior.

“I hate people who behave like they are holier than thou. That is one of the things that made me leave the gospel industry. You feel like a small ‘god’,” Bahati candidly stated.

The singer also disclosed a profound lesson he learned during a challenging period when his late brother, Charles, battled alcoholism alongside a diabetes diagnosis. This experience served as a wake-up call for Bahati, as he realized that his previous self-perceived perfection, derived from his devotion to Christianity, was flawed and judgmental.

“I thought because I was a Christian who fasted and sang in church, I was perfect. I even cut him off. I did not want to be associated with him. We go wrong because we over-judge people. By the time I wanted to make up, it was too late,” Bahati confessed.

Tragically, Charles passed away at a young age due to complications related to diabetes. Bahati attributed his brother’s struggles with alcohol to the untimely loss of their mother when they were still young, which forced them to face the harsh realities of life prematurely.

“When my mum passed away while we were in Mathare, we were trying to survive. By the time we came to Nairobi, my brother started hustling, and because of the pressure, he sought solace in alcohol. He died at the young age of 22. Trying to earn a living was hard on him. He was diagnosed with diabetes,” Bahati recounted.

As Charles battled his health issues, Bahati admitted that he failed as a Christian by judging and distancing himself from his brother. He regretted not providing the support and love Charles needed during his difficult journey.

“I failed as a Christian because I used to judge him. I wrote him off as a brother because I felt he was not living the life I would want. I forgot that by loving this person, I would bring healing and make them understand that alcohol can’t solve things,” he said.

Bahati acknowledged that maybe Charles turned to alcohol because he felt unsupported by his own family. As he eventually attempted to mend their relationship and provide the love his brother needed, it was tragically too late. Charles’ health had significantly deteriorated, leading to surgery and uncontrolled bleeding.

Bahati emphasized that he has never supported excessive alcohol consumption and expressed his distaste for such behavior.

In recent news, Bahati and his wife Diana made headlines when they were captured on film clubbing and appearing to be drunk. Despite stepping away from gospel music, Bahati clarified that his relationship with God remains intact.

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