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Azimio blogger Pauline Njoroge arrested

by Samantha
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Popular blogger and political commentator, Pauline Njoroge, has been arrested by Watamu DCI officers in Kilifi County.

The arrest is reportedly in connection with a tweet she had posted, and officers have indicated that they want to talk to her regarding certain matters.

Njoroge has been known for her outspoken criticism of President William Ruto’s administration, using her social media platform to express her views.

Before the 2022 General Elections, she was associated with Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and played a significant role in campaigning for ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

Despite the elections, Njoroge remained loyal to Uhuru and continued to voice her criticisms of the Ruto regime.

Recently, she claimed that some people in the government approached her with an offer to join the administration, but she declined the opportunity.

As of now, the specific details surrounding Njoroge’s arrest and the content of the tweet in question have not been disclosed.

The situation has drawn attention due to her influential presence in the online political sphere and her history of expressing dissenting opinions about the current government. Further updates and developments regarding her arrest are awaited.

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