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Angry youths overpower police at Kamukunji grounds

by Samantha
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A tense situation unfolded at Kamukunji Grounds as police officers, who had been dispatched to disperse stone-pelting youth, were ultimately forced to retreat.

Initially, the officers had managed to temporarily disperse the crowd, successfully sending the youth away. However, they were soon overwhelmed by the determination of the protesters and were compelled to retreat towards Jogoo Road.

To support the retreating officers, water cannons were deployed to the scene. These powerful vehicles arrived at the grounds with the aim of providing reinforcement and maintaining order.

Meanwhile, the protesting youth took advantage of the chaotic situation and proceeded to barricade several roads in the vicinity, further intensifying the atmosphere.

Earlier, as tensions mounted, violence nearly erupted when police officers tried to prevent the youth from gathering at the grounds. In a display of resistance, some of the young demonstrators resorted to throwing stones at the officers, prompting the law enforcement personnel to swiftly evacuate the area.

The Kamukunji Grounds had been undergoing preparations for a planned rally, with a dias being erected and a public address system being set up.

The event was intended to serve as a platform for the protesters to express their grievances and concerns. However, the presence of the police and the subsequent clashes disrupted these preparations, creating an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty.

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