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Expelled Sportpesa Director Paul Ndung’u Accused of Abandoning Child in Russia After Love Affair

by Paul Nyongesa
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Prominent Kenyan businessman and former Sportpesa shareholder, Paul Ndungu, finds himself embroiled in a controversy that transcends the corporate world.

Accused of abandoning a child in Russia after an affair with a young Russian woman, his personal life is now under public scrutiny.

The saga began in 2016 when Ndungu allegedly met Natalaya Semyonova during a business trip to Russia.

Their whirlwind romance resulted in Semyonova becoming pregnant and subsequently giving birth to a boy named Alexander Ndungu Semyonov.

However, what unfolded next is disheartening, as it is claimed that Ndungu blocked all contact with Semyonova once he learned of her pregnancy and has not been in communication with her since the child’s birth.

Ndungu’s personal life has taken center stage amidst his professional woes.

He was recently expelled from Sportpesa, a well-known sports betting company in Kenya, along with his business partner Asenath Wacera.

This development came as a result of a decision by the board of Pevans East Africa Limited, which trades as Sportpesa.

Despite their ongoing legal battle to contest the expulsion, the company made it clear that Ndungu and Wacera no longer had any authority to represent or trade on behalf of Sportpesa.

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri communicated the decision to oust Ndungu and Wacera through a letter dated January 10. The letter stated that the majority of the company’s members had unanimously resolved to expel Ndungu and Wacera from the company with immediate effect from October 8, 2022.

It also warned that having been expelled, Ndungu and Wacera lost all rights of a member and therefore had no business instituting or maintaining any suit or legal proceedings purporting to act in the name or on behalf of Pevans East Africa Ltd.

In the midst of this controversy, photographs of Natalaya Semyonova have surfaced online, igniting widespread outrage and condemnation from netizens.


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