Dan Maanzo alludes to elderly respected female legislator as having no degree

Even before the law requiring that all elected representatives in the country be holders of a bachelor’s degree comes to effect, already, the vicious tongue-lashing, and verbal shaming appears to have already began. Interestingly, among the first ones to be caught in the crossfire is an elderly and respected women representative, who happened to find herself the target of Makueni constituency member of parliament, and Wiper Democratic Party member, honourable Dan Maanzo.

Ironically, Daniel Maanzo was speaking in opposition of the law that requires all leaders to have a degree when he disclosed the MP. He was speaking during an appearance on Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak which was hosted by Sam Gituku. Also in attendance was Kandara member of parliament Alice Wahome, Eldas legislator Keynan, and the Orange Democratic Movement party Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna.

Dan Maanzo said that while it is a noble prerequisite for a leader to be a holder of a degree, it shouldn’t be made mandatory, and more so, for leaders of all levels, regardless of cadre, or level. He then went on to mention Maison Leshomo as an example of such a leader, who nevertheless espouses good leadership qualities, despite meeting the minimum basic requirement of being able to communicate in Kiswahili.

A law requiring contestants for MP and MCA seats to have a university degree qualification is set to take effect in the 2022 general election, locking out hundreds of potential aspirants whose plans to acquire the academic papers have been derailed by Covid-19.
The law, whose implementation date has been postponed several times, is set to take effect in 2022. Members of the National Assembly in 2017 amended section 22 of the Election Act that prescribes minimum academic qualifications for lawmakers at both levels of government.

The amendment requires Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of County Assembly (MCAs) to have a minimum bachelor’s degree before they are cleared to contest.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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